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Appendix A -- WSH Resources on the Internet

The following Web sites offer useful information and tools related to Microsoft Windows Script Host (WSH) and script programming.

International newsgroups that deal with WSH, VBScript, and JScript.
msdn.microsoft.com/scripting Microsoft's scripting Web site, which contains the latest version of WSH and WSH tools as well as documentation for WSH, JScript, VBScript, and much more. This is a must-visit site for script programmers.
www.windows-script.com A site created by Ian Morrish that contains a WSH FAQ section, a download section, sample code, a discussion group, and more. This is another must-visit site for script programmers. Ian was one of the first contributors to the WSH newsgroups.
cwashington.netreach.net A Win32 scripting page maintained by C. Washington, a frequent participant in WSH newsgroups. The site contains many scripts (in different programming languages) that you can download. This is also a must-visit site for script programmers.
www.borncity.de The gateway to my WSH Bazaar, which contains samples, FAQs, tutorials on creating ActiveX controls, newsletters, and a list of links to other WSH-related sites.
www.sapien.com The Web site of SAPIEN Technologies, Inc., which markets the script editor PrimalSCRIPT. You can download a trial version of PrimalSCRIPT from this site.